Optimize your health
and wellness at the
touch of a finger.

KLNKfnd is a simple and convenient mobile app designed to connect you with local practitioners offering comfortable and safe on-demand treatments.

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How it Works

KLNKfnd’s value can be unlocked in just four simple steps:

Download and

Search for KLNKfnd in the Apple or Google Play Store, download the app, and sign-up for an account.

Search for services

Once logged in to the app, search for health and wellness services by type, location, and availability.

Book a treatment

Review the list of practitioners available to serve you before selecting and booking an appointment.


Head to your appointment and enjoy relief, relaxation, and/or peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

Free to use

KLNKfnd is free to download and use – you’ll only pay for treatments you actually book.


Whether you’re contending with an unexpected health and wellness concern or a hectic schedule, KLNKfnd’s practitioners are ready to provide treatments that fit your schedule and location.

Treatment variety

From physio and massage therapy to chiropractic care; acupuncture and osteopathy to nutrition guidance, KLNKfnd’s practitioners offer services to suit your unique needs.

Vetted practitioners

Each health and wellness practitioner on KLNKfnd is licensed to practice and verified through a rigorous background check to ensure you’re in good hands.

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Technical: support@klnkfnd.com
All Others: info@klnkfnd.com

Phone: 1-833-363-5565

555 Legget Drive
Suite 304, 3rd Floor, Tower A
Ottawa, ON, K2K 2X3